Mouse FatAmp

Your moveable sound! 

Mouse FatAmp — everything you need from a small portable guitar amp which is compact enough to fit into a guitar case / pedalbord but remains very loud.
You can use FatAmp anywhere: as a portable amp for playing in the street, as a training headphone amplifier and even as a simple booster — the output switches automatically to mono/stereo mode.

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Price: 35$



  • 5 Watt paper speaker
  • 65 mm size paper speaker (2.55 inch)
  • Dimensions: 90x90x70 mm (3.54x3.54x2.76 inch)
  • Clean/drive mode switch
  • Guitar input, Phones/line output
  • 9DCV power input/battery
  • Wood enclosure, laquer finish
  • Adjust the volume of the headphone output