Tube guitar preamp with boost mode.

   It will be interesting to those who want to have his/her OWN sound anytime and anywhere, regardless of equipment. Unfortunately, a rehearsal place or a club don’t always live up to our expectations from their sound equipment. And in such cases we need a valuable tube guitar unit in a pocket.
   Our Edelweiss preamp has truly compact dimensions (120x100x55mm/4.7x3.9x2.2inch) and is more than simple in use. Even at home, with a cheap transistor combo, your sound will be dense and saturated. For example, place Edelweiss at the end of chain guitar effects, connect it to your amp’s “return” and get a classic scheme: “guitar – effects – clear tube channel – power amplifier”. Connect Edelweiss directly to your amp’s “input”, and get a tube “upgrader” for your sound which, combined with boost mode, gives you more opportunities for obtaining your own sound and volume control. Combine Edelweiss with any speaker simulator for good direct recording at home.
   The Edelweiss sound pleasantly surprises the owners of single pickup guitars – you get as much natural "glass" sound along with tube harmonics as you need.

Price: 259$

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What is special about Edelweiss – it works permanently, no bypass. The footswitch button turns on the booster that has a convenient separate volume knob. So, playing rhythm or solo you can set up two separate master volume modes. The booster mode allows to get a full-grown tube crunch and light overdrive, according to a knob position.

The full classical transformer powered tube 12AX7 (anode 250V DC) allows you to get exactly the "warm tube" sound without noise and interference.


Edelweiss is controlled with five knobs:

    • VOL and VOL2 – for general mode and boost mode
    • TONE and GAIN – for both modes
    • BOOST – preamp level in the appropriate mode
    • LOW CUT toggle switch – switches the low pass filter

The package includes: pedal, power supply 220VAC/12VAC Euro plug,protective feet