Universal and dynamic distortion

Suitable for all music style from blues to metal. Scheme is fully developed by Mouse Electronics.

When we launched our series of tube pedals, we thought about creating distortion pedal that will be compact and with own character and interesting flexible sound.

Some experience in the design and building of the solid-state devices have been developed by us in due time on the Electric Dolly clone pedals series.The delivered technical task was to build a compact sized pedal with flexible sound that make you to be heard among the other instruments without the excessive volume increasing. We tried to make the most beautiful and usable pedal you have ever met.It took about half-year to design and produce Solid Drive distortion by Mouse Electronics and now we proudly present you our strict black designed distortion that can give you a wide pallette of sounds from blues to metal.

The classic three-band EQ collaborated with a wide range of gain adjustment is a great way to tune your sound from SRV to Rammstein.

Price: 110$

Look at

Look at

Specifications: :
  • Knob: Volume, Gain, High, Mid, Low
  • Size: 4.7x2.6x2.2" (120х66х55mm)
  • Gross Weight: 14oz (400g)
  • Power supply: 9V (minus in the center)
  • Enclosure material: aluminum/stainless steel, powder coating

Contents of delivery: pedal, manual, rubber feets, fridge magnet, wooden package.

We use the best components to build our pedals - Alpha potentiometers, Cliff knobs, Amphenol jacks and high-quality film capasitors of course.

We provide a lifetime warranty on Mouse Electronics products.